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Wrecks off Makassar

Wrack der Maru

MARU (Samalona Island)


This Japanese warship is still carrying ammunition and is approximately 50-60 meter long.

Position: West of Samalona Island

The wreck is quite intact, sitting upright position. Covered with hard and soft corals. Offers a large variety of marine life like groupers, snappers, sweetlips, lionfish, pufferfish, bat fish, trevally’s, black-and white-tip reef sharks, barracuda, nudibranches …

Max. depth: 31m, deck level 25-22 meters.

Visibility depends on tide, average 10-20 meters.

Recommended education: Advanced Diver, Specialty Wreck Diver.



GUNBOAT (Kodengareng Keke)


Japanese gunboat or submarine hunter, approximately 30 meter long.

Position: north-east of island Kodengareng Keke

This wreck is quite intact and lies on his port side. Covered with hard and soft corals.

The cannons are still there, difficult to penetrate. Good variety of marine live like lionfish, grouper, snapper, sweetlip, barracuda, trevally, puffer fish, nudibranches…

Max.depth: 40 meters, top of this wreck 31meters.

Visibility: average 15meters

Recommended education; Advanced Diver, Deep diver, Wreck diver.



CARGO VESSEL (Tin-Tingan Atoll)


Cargo vessel approximately 70 meters long

Position: on reef top off Tin-Tingan atoll.

This wreck is broken up. Easy dive spot with long bottom times.

Nice corals and offers a large variety of marine live like; nurse shark, black-and white tip reef shark, shoals longtom, barracuda, sweetlip, grouper, puffer fish, scorpion fish, bat fish, cuttle fish, bleu spotted fantail stingray, lobster, nudibranches, flatworms, crocodile fish…

Max. depth: 8,5 meter

Visibility: 15-20 meters

Recommended education: Open Water Diver



SUBMARINE (Takabakan Atoll)


USS S-36 (SS-144) Submarine 66 meter long.

Position; reef top and steep slope of Takabakan Atoll.

The submarine is broken up, the front part lies on the extremely nice reef top between 3 and 11 meters from the middle section there is an part that lies on a steep slope at 25 meters. Most of the times there is an medium till strong current. Covered with hard and soft corals. Good variety of marine live on and around the wreck, snappers, groupers, sweetlips, moray’s, nudibranches, scorpion fish. On the steep slope big tunas, bumphead parrots, napoleon….

Max dept : 25 meters

Visibility: 20-40 meters

Recommend education : Advanced Diver.






Airplane wreck.

Position; sandy bottom,1 mile from Samalona Island.

The airplane wreck is badly broken up and the engines have been removed or fell off on impact. Some nice corals en marine live like nudibranches, trevally’s, blue spotted stingray’s, bat fish, lion fish,…

Max. dept: 31 meters

Visibility depends on tide, average 8 to 15 meters

Recommend education: Advanced Diver.




Steel cargo 60 meters long. Ran on the reef near Takakeke in 1999 and sunk sitting on the reef top, strong currents, penetration possibilities.

Max. depth: 16 m.


NIKKO MARU (Tanakeke).


A large vessel, British built (1919, 3098 tons)

Hit a mine on 1 july 1944. Wreck is nice intact and lies on the sandy bottom at 17 meters; the top of the wreck at 5 meters. Covered with hard en soft corals. Offers large variety of marine live on and around the wreck:  trevally’s, lion fish, snappers, groupers, batfish, nudibranches, flatworms,…

Generally medium to strong currents.

Max depth : 17 meters

Visibility depends on tide: 10 to 20 meters

Recommend education : Open Water Diver


CARGO (Labutung Atoll)


Cargo vessel approximately 60 meters long.

Lies on a slope off Labutung Atoll, the bottom reaches 34 meters,  the bow sticks out the water like a landmark. The deck is broken but the hole is still good intact. The wreck is covered with hard and soft corals. Good variety off marine live, bat fish, angel fish, lion fish, puffer fish, blue spotted stingray’s, nudibranches, flatworms, anemones,…

Max depth: 34 meters

Visibility: 10 to 20 meters

Recommend education: Open Water Diver, Advanced Diver


HAKKO MARU (Lai Lai Island)

Very large cargo, Dutch built. Lies in upright position just off Lai Lai Island in a silty bottom. Wreck is broken up.

Max. depth 24 meters en the deck ranges 8 to 3 meters.

Visibility depends on the tide: 2-5 meters

Recommend education: Open Water Diver, Advanced Diver.






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