Diving in Indonesia: An Overview

Liveaboard Diving Trip in Indonesia

There are over 17,000 islands in Indonesia. The best dive spots can only be reached on a liveaboard. I have put together here the most interesting trips in Indonesia.

Biodiversity in Indonesia

The region between the Philippines in the north and the Indonesian ring of fire in the south is probably the area of the most-diverse population of reef fishes, crustaceans, corals and mollusks on earth.

Videos Diving in Indonesia

Do you want to inform yourself objectively about the diving area that you would like to visit? Then you can see on this page in videos what other divers have experienced there.

Diving in Bali

For most visitors Bali ist the gateway to Indonesia. But only few people know that there are world-class dive sites on Bali.

Diving in Sulawesi

Sulawesi is about 30 times Bali's size. Nevertheless, many visitors to Indonesia have never heard of this island. It offers the best that Indonesia has to offer for divers.

Sharks in Komodo

There are not only primeval lizards here. Also under water, Komodo has much to offer. Encounters with big pelagics can almost be guaranteed.

Sunrise Flores

Why always to Bali? One of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia is Flores. Friendly people, traditional villages and active volcanoes invite to many adventures. On top of that there is also much to discover in Flores under water. A real insider tip!

Beautiful Coral in Alor

Another insider tip! Anyone who has ever been to Alor always wants to go come back. This diving area is addictive!

Insider Tip: Diving Raja Ampat

In Raja Ampat one encounters more marine species during a single dive than in the entire Caribbean. Anyone who has dived here is spoiled for all time.

Diving in Sumatra

Tigers and orangutans are are living here in the jungle. Under water there is still much to discover, especially in the north of the island. Lets go!

Shark in Kalimantan

Orangutans and proboscis monkeys live here in the dense jungle. You can also dive here. Especially off the east coast there are good dive spots.

Whale Shark Banda Islands

The Moluccas are far too little known in Europe. It is easy to get there nowadays. Once you're there, you always want to go back. Curious? Then go ahead!

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